Stressful times/peaceful places

Its been a little under two months since i came back to Oxford and its been a lot. The second year of IB is a lot more stressful than the first. Not only do we have more work/assessments/essays etc, but we also have university applications. These last weeks have been a mixture of 12 hour school days and university applications. I have extra after-school sessions four days a week, and little time to do much else during the week. Two weeks ago however, I was lucky enough to get a break. I had finished my work for the weekend early because i knew i had two friends who would visit from Norway. I find it interesting how exploring Oxford with someone else makes everything seem more special than otherwise.



Walking through the city centre and seeing how they find it as impressing as me is quite something. It was a great weekend overall. We had a picnic in the University Parks, went punting on the river, and explored the backstreets of the city. I found it to be a good to do something widely different from the stressful everyday life. It also gave me the opportunity to explore Oxford even more.

I think a break from work is necessary at times ( even if teachers disagree) because its a good way to renew energy and find new inspiration. If you constantly stretch yourself to the limit, you will sooner than later become exhausted, which isn’t good for anyone. Sometimes its good to do just whats completely necessary and nothing more.

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