Exploring the Future of Food in Milan

Straight after my internship in Zurich I flew to Italy. Thanks to the school, I got the opportunity to attend a Global Leadership summit in Milan. Each year, EF organises Global Leadership summits and EF Academy (the school) sends influential people (for free!) from each of the three campuses (Oxford, Torbay, New York) to represent it. I was lucky enough to be chosen for this along with four other students from Oxford.

All the EF Academy representatives

They flew me from my internship in Switzerland (also organised by EF), to Milan, on Friday the 7th of July. As I was catching an early flight I would not be able to arrive at the same time as my friends so at the airport I met up with two students from the New York school. I was told there would only be the three of us arriving at the airport at that time. I had never met them before, but we had around four hours before anyone I knew would arrive so I tagged along back to the hotel. It was nice to get to know people from the other schools and we exchanged stories throughout the morning. By the time the others came I had already made two great friends.

It was good to see the others from school again. It had only been three weeks since we all left school, but when you spend every day with someone for almost a year and then have to leave it all behind its quite the change. Lucky enough, all of the chosen Oxford students were friends of mine, so it was like a small reunion during the summer break.


The summit was all about the future of food, and there were around 2000 students attending, most from the US. During the conference we attended workshops and lectures from different people within different fields regarding food. We were also divided into groups of around 10 people where we had to do innovative sessions to figure out how to make healthy and sustainable food available for everyone. I can’t say we solved world hunger, but we became more critical towards the subject and thats a step in the right direction.

The conference was interesting, but the best part of the conference was meeting people from the different EF Academy campuses. As president of the student council, I used my year to find ways to improve the campus, and talking to the representatives from the other schools gave me the opportunity to hear about how the different campuses had done just that. I hope we can cooperate more with the other schools during the coming year, as they are all so different, and we can probably learn a lot from each other.

The Garden Party Sunday night (we were to tired to do anything, but it was nice)

By the time Monday rolled around we were all tired. The conference was full of impressions and we had been doing stuff non stop from morning to late in the evening all weekend. It was hard to say goodbye again to everyone, especially the people I wont be seeing at school in September, but I was also ready to go home for summer.

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