My Internship in Zurich

My internship is now over, and its been quite the journey.,

I applied for the internship because it sounded like such a great experience, although I had no belief in me actually getting it. After having sent the application and doing a short interview over Skype I kind of forgot all about it until I got an email three weeks before the end of the school year saying I got the internship if i wanted it. Me, having forgotten all about the internship application had already bought a ticket home and begun planning a summer spent at home. A few hours after getting the email I face-timed with my parents and asked them what to do (its not always easy to make your own decisions). My parents, acting like they always do, told me it was my choice and to do what I wanted (very helpful for someone as indecisive as me), but by the evening I had sent the email saying that I wanted to do the internship.

The week before going to Switzerland was stressful. It was the last week of school, so everyone was packing up and leaving, and we still had school during the day. My mother and her friend came that last weekend to help take some of my stuff home as I would be traveling directly to Zurich. It was hard having to say goodbye at the airport once more instead of joining them home. The trip from Oxford and all the way to the Airbnb in Zurich went surprisingly well and I got settled easily.

The next day, I got up and went to my first day as an intern for the EF Academy marketing team. I was so nervous, but thankfully I knew some of the people, having met them at school, and everyone else was friendly, so I quickly became more comfortable. My tasks were varied and quite interesting.  I had tasks where I had to utilise Facebook, Instagram and a blog, as well as doing some editing, of the best things, however, was getting the opportunity to write my own article about ‘how to be a successful intern’ something I found to be interesting as I have a tendency to not follow my own advice at times. I worked from 10am to 4pm, which gave me lots of spare time to explore the city as well as do (some of) the school work we were assigned for the summer. My plan was to finish it all, but it seems I was a bit optimistic when I thought that.

Being alone in a foreign city where they don’t speak the same language as you is an experience. At times its easy to become lonely. After having spent the better part of my year surrounded by people 24/7 at school it was a large difference. I tried to do as much as possible during my spare time, just walking around the city, taking photos and visiting museums. Safe to say I got a better grasp of the independence feeling when walking around without knowing anyone. It became the self discovery journey I had not prepared for.

Did i mention my lack of wifi? no? That plays a large part in the ‘self discovery’. The room i rented had no wifi access, which means no Netflix, which means me, alone, in a room, every night, doing schoolwork or reading, for three weeks. Reading is great and all, but with nobody to talk to or any other distraction its easy to feel isolated, especially on the weekends. Leaves a lot of time to think. Thankfully, the Starbucks around the corner gave me 1 hour free wifi every day, which was spent Face-timing my family or Skyping friends. One Sunday was even spent visiting a friend in France. Her family was so nice, and even though we didn’t speak the same language they were still so welcoming. Having international friends to just stop by when I’m ‘in the area’ is something I never imagined would happen.

These past three weeks has flown by and now its time for the Global Leadership Summit in Milan for the weekend, before going home.


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