Bye Oxford, see you in September!

May and June went by so fast, and suddenly my first year was over. I have now decided that I will go back to Oxford next year, since I had intended to only do one year (I’m not letting an entire year of IB go to waste).  Its still a weird feeling that a year has already gone by. Truth to be told I never expected to be emotional over leaving school, I mean, it’s school, however, when thinking about it as the place where I lived for a year and met so many people that influenced my life on such a big scale, its different.  

These last few months went by so fast and everything was kind of up in the air. We had end of year exams, and then people started leaving, then I had to pack, my mother came to get my stuff and I went straight to Switzerland. By the time my last day came I felt torn between being ready to leave and wanting to stay just a little bit longer.

It has been a year full of opportunities. I got the chance to try so many new things, both in school and in my personal life. I meet so many influential people from all around the world. I got the opportunity to do an internship in Zurich (where I am now), and next weekend I will be going to Milan for a Global Leadership Summit about the future of food. It’s all a bit surreal.  In a week I will be going home for the first time in three months and that will be great. Its 65 days until I’m back in Oxford for my second year, and its just the right time to be able to relax and enjoy my break, without missing my friends from all over the world too much.

This blog originally started out as a photography blog for CAS with the occasional video of the month, then it turned into a way for me to keep my family updated about my life, but now its also a way for me to look back at the best year of my life and show people the cool things I did. I hope to continue this in September, although form what I’ve heard about the last year of IB, it will be tough.

All in all, its been quite the year, and I hope the next one will be just as good if not even better. For now I’m gonna enjoy the internship and then Milan, and after that; home.















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