The last weekend of April the school arranged a Sunday trip to Liverpool (ca 4 hours northwest of Oxford). This meant that to get there and spend the day, we had to get up early. This was something I, as most teenagers, found to be quite the challenge. However, when we arrived in Liverpool I realised that it had been worth it. From what I’d heard of Liverpool i had expected a highly industrial town with not much to look at. I was proven wrong. We arrived at the Albert Dock around 11am and what i saw did not fit with what I had previously thought. Albert Dock was originally built as a port to accommodate large sailing ships to the then, industrial Albert Dock. Now however, the Dock is a highly cultural area of Liverpool with museums, restaurants and exhibition. What caught my eye was the Tate art gallery, world famous for its contemporary art, as well as the Beatles museum.

Exploring the Albert Dock

Due to limited time, and agreement in the group, we prioritised the Beatles museum. The Beatles story, as it is called, is an audio and visual tour telling you about the Beatles rise to fame. We were given headphones with pre-recorded commentary from the members of Beatles, as well as the people close to them, and were then guided through several rooms. Some of the rooms were replicas of key places in the Beatles story. One of these was the Cavern Club, where the Beatles played as up and coming artists in Liverpool, their home town.


The Cavern Club

Along the way, the different members told us of the song writing processes and how the different albums came to exist. Towards the end we also got insight into the famous split of the band, and how their stories continued separately. All in all it was a great, and surprising experience.


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