Red Nose Day

In March we, as a school, got the opportunity to participate in Red Nose Day. Red Nose day is a UK-wide fundraiser organised by Comic relief. It is basically having fun and raising money for a good purpose. As I am a member of the schools student council I got to be a part of the planning of the day. We begun the day with the school choir singing in assembly, then during the breaks we sold doughnuts to the student body.

Food is really the way to someones heart in this school. To raise money for red nose day, we sold doughnuts between classes. At the same time as the doughnuts were sold, we dyed peoples hair pink and encouraged people to come to activities throughout the day.

The main event of the day was during lunchtime. Everyone went down to residence for the opportunity to throw plates of shaving cream or wet sponges at their favourite teachers and/or members of staff.


A lot of people showed up and it was very fun (for the students at least…). Since a lot of people showed up we were able to raise a good amount of money for the charity. A staff busker band also showed up at the end and it ended up being such a good atmosphere.

I find that helping charities is important. Everyone in school has the privilege of education, a home and someone close to us. Doing something small like a charity sale or some fun activities is the least we could do.


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