I have always wanted to go to Brighton, and last Saturday i got the chance to go there. The school arranged a trip to just go see the city for the day. We got there at around 11 in the morning and stayed for around five hours. We were super lucky with the weather as it was not to cold and mostly sunny.


It was very different from Oxford. Not just the architecture and layout of the city, but also the people. In Oxford i see mostly students or scholars. In Brighton I saw tourists and more of “normal people”. I am not sure what i prefer actually, as Oxford is historic, calm and academically focused, while Brighton was fun, diverse and more dynamic.


I definitely enjoyed being by the sea again though. I think we spent at least an hour just sitting by the shore looking at the waves. For someone who gets (too) easily stressed, sitting by the ocean was probably the thing i needed right there and then.



Unfortunately, after a while, it got to cold to sit still by the beach. We started walking more towards the city centre, to find something to eat and just walk around the city. We ate at a small discrete cafe and then went to get ice cream. We also went by the flea market, which was an interesting place. They had loads of old maps and posters, and i had to practice strong self control to not buy everything they had, as the hoarder i am.


We spent the last 30 minutes just sitting at a cafe on the beach enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. It was almost like a one-day vacation! At four we all met up again to take the bus back to Oxford. I believe Brighton is a place i will be going back to sometime in the future.

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