Long Weekend

We don’t have any  official half term at EF Academy, we have long weekends. This means in general that we have Thursday and Friday off from school. A lot of (European) people go home during these long weekends, others join people and visit them at home (which in my opinion is a great thing to do). Some stay at school, go on trips or gets visitors from their home. This is basically a very short holiday, so we try to make the most of it.

Outside the guesthouse Wednesday evening

This long weekend my mother and my best friend came to visit! My mother arrived Wednesday night. I missed her very much and it was great to see her again. We stayed at a cute little guesthouse a short walking distance from the city centre. I had never really been to that part of Oxford, which is a bit disappointing, since it is really cute.

Thursday we went to London in the morning. We did some shopping, but mostly we walked around. We went to Camden to see the market, then we went to eat dinner. In the evening we took the train to Gatwick to pick up my friend at the airport. It was great to meet her again.


Friday morning begun with sleeping in. It was literally the best thing ever. I think everyone doing the IB understands how great the feeling of not having any homework is. For breakfast we went to the Grand Cafe, England’s oldest coffee house. I tasted scrambled eggs for the first time (to my best friends surprise) while updating my mother and my friend on how life is going in Oxford.

Grand Cafe tea

After breakfast/lunch/brunch (?) we went to the Bodleian Library for a walking tour. I am a big fan of historical sites so this is a go-to when showing people around Oxford. I think both my friend and my mom liked it, so thats good, because on Saturday I dragged them to Christ Church and on Sunday we went to Ashmolean museum.

Christ Church college

I really enjoyed the weekend. I loved just walking around Oxford showing my mother and friend the city. I can honestly say that coming back to school Monday morning was hard, but i feel a lot more motivated now than i felt last week.


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