The importance of taking a break / exploring Oxford

Lately I have been stressed. Not “I am not sure if I will survive this”-stress, but enough that I needed a break. And sometimes that is hard admitting to yourself, admitting “defeat”. But when everything starts to get forced, when taking care of yourself is becoming a chore, you need it. Something I’ve realised more recently is that taking a break is fine, while pushing yourself past your own limits is not. This weekend I went to the city centre to do whatever I wanted. I sat at a cafe drinking tea and reading for an hour. Last time I let myself do that was my birthday. I walked around the city for hours with friends and did not feel guilty about it. I ate food that I enjoyed instead of going to the canteen. I had fun.

Doing this made it easier for me to go back to the dorms in the eventing and actually be productive. I was able to clear my mind and make a plan for the next few weeks. I was able to calm down and focus on one task at the time.

Taking a break does not necessarily mean wasting time, it could help with gathering your thoughts and becoming more effective.

A break could be taking a walk, going shopping, reading, or just getting up to make a cup of tea or getting a glass of water. Either way it is important, and you should always put yourself first. Bad days happen, and sometimes they stay bad, but that does not mean you have to be okay with that, always aim to be content.

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