Tate Modern

This weekend’s visit went to Tate modern, a modern (no kidding) art gallery located in central London. It is one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary art in the world! (and entrance is free!!!)

I have had a wish to visit Tate since I came to England, so when Bee asked if I wanted to go this weekend i said yes straight away. This meant getting up early and taking the bus to London at 9am Saturday morning, something I am not really a big fan of….

Our first stop was Covent Garden where Lea had to buy something for her family. The rest of us walked around the market. I had never been in Covent Garden before then, but it is definitely a place I am going to visit again.


We took a taxi from Covent Garden to Tate and the first thing we did was buy tickets for the exhibition called “the radical eye”

The radical eye is a collection of modernist photography owned by Sir Elton John. Being as interested in photography as I am, I felt that I needed to see this when I had the opportunity. The collection included some photos I’ve both seen and read about before (like “migrant mother” by Dorothea Lange), but mostly new photos for me. Since photography was not allowed in the exhibition I was not able to document anything, but we still had the rest of the museum.

dsc03923Mariana, Bee and Lea *casually* looking out the window

The thing that makes Tate so interesting is the mix of different types of art. There is paintings, photography, performance art and multimedia, and a lot of sub-genres under this. The diversity means that you will find new stuff around every corner.


“Is she as pretty as a picture
Or clear as crystal
Or pure as a lily
Or black as coal
Or sharp as a razor “

Lea appreciating the art

The day ended with a trip though winter wonderland in Hyde park, where we realised that we were not dressed for winter at all, but nothing could ruin the great day we had.

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